Sweet Relief Deliveries On Demand

Sweet Relief Ice Cream offers our customers a convenient and simple method to get ice cream when you want it.  All you have to do is click on our online delivery schedule to see when we will be in your city.  You can then click on our Real Time GPS Truck Locator link, and see where are ice cream truck is currently delivering.  You can then contact us directly @ (530) 338-0669 and schedule your delivery.

Are you having a birthday party, dinner party, BBQ, or other special event?  Just have a group of people over and everyone is in the mood for ice cream?  Our on demand delivery service is convenient and just a phone call away.

Whether you order for today, or schedule for tomorrow, Sweet Relief does our best to make sure you get your ice cream when you want it with this simple and convenient delivery service.  Just call us at (530) 338-0669 to place an order.  You will never miss out when the ice cream truck is in town!